Unit 9-Effectiveness of Blogs-in My Opinion

Hello Everyone. For people who use digital communication as a means of
survival–their jobs (deejays, radio and sports talk-show hosts, etc.) its
important to have a blog in one location so that an audience can find it easily.
People who fit this category should create blogs that are interesting, that have
logical web addresses–names that are catchy or easy to remember, that are
centralized in the sense that they are balanced and informative, so that people
can refer to the, again and again. An example of an effective blog site is
The Young, Black and Fabulous blog-http://theybf.com/. This
is an effective site because it has been around for years, always had the same
web address, and always reports on news related to young, African-American
celebrities. The same people blog at this site–me included: and I know this
because our screen-names and gravatars are familiar to each other. I think that
sites like this one–that are consistent in their format and are always
available, are effective.

As someone who wants to pursue a career in the media, as either an
anchor-woman and/or writer, a podcast would help me develop a following. It
would allow people to become familiar with my voice, my delivery, and my ability
to write good stories/share information that is logical and relevant in its


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