Podcasting-interesting stuff

I have listened to podcasts before; and now that I have to create one for one of my classes, I’m paying closer attention to what makes podcasts worth listening to. Thanks to this site: http://www.maximisepotential.co.uk/tag/communication-advice/, I now realize that I like listening to podcasts by people who communicate well. The site talks about using good language and being mannerly with your audience when broadcasting a podcast. I realize that there are different kinds of podcasts, with various types of language, but the advise I found on this site fits my personality and the kind of podcast I would like to do. I would want to be respectful of my audience and communicate with them in a relaxed, respectful way.    http://www.maximisepotential.co.uk/tag/communication-advice/ provides great pointers about communicating well during a podcast.


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